Hello World

It is January. Minnesota is cold.  We are freshly uprooted from our home for the last 2.5 years, Switzerland, and are adjusting to life back in the States. It has been…transition-y.

Now what? My husband Joel is working hard at new and challenging job. My twins have moved from their Swiss school to kindergarten in English (as opposed to French), mid-year, and are relearning all their vowels from scratch. I’ve taken a couple of years off work, have another baby on the way,  and… I’m just gonna go for it. I’m gonna make some art.  And you can see how it goes, because I’m going to blog the whole messy process. You, dear reader, can learn from my failure or success! It’s possibly a win-win! Let’s just cross our fingers and hope.

I have a deadline to start making some actual money by baby’s delivery, approximately July 9th.  And if it doesn’t work out…well then I go back to getting a “real job.”

So anyway. My name is Carrie Suzanne Fitch, and this is my big girl, grown-up art startup blog. 

And what would my art blog be without a daily sketch doodle? Et voila, c’est ça.